Saturday, 19 September 2015

Stevie Wonder's dead attorney duped him into paying his family for life!

Stevie Wonder's dead attorney and right-hand man for decades duped him into signing a contract he never saw ... a contract that makes the singer pay the lawyer's family indefinitely and forever ... 

This is such an incredible story! Which normal person will sign a contract with a man and
say when you die ,i will go on paying your family for life?It just makes no sense at all and shows that this is an obvious case of duping someone.

According to TMZ, Stevie just filed legal docs, in which he says his longtime lawyer, Johanan Vigoda, put a contract in front of Stevie's face when he was 21 years old. The deal was, Stevie would pay Johanan 6% of all music royalties. But there's a clause that says payments to the lawyer's family go on "forever."
Johanan died in 2011, but Stevie's record company continued to pay Johanan's widow. Stevie says he didn't realize payments were being made for nearly 2 years, and when he caught wind, he ordered payments to be stopped. He claims he trusted Johanan and the lawyer never said the 6% would survive his death.
 Stevie says in his docs he was betrayed by a man he trusted and wants a judge to declare he no longer has a duty to pay royalties, because the attorney took advantage of a blind man. Johanan's widow has filed her own lawsuit, demanding Stevie pay from the time he stopped and forever in the future. She wants $7 mil minimum.
And this wife really thinks this is a normal arrangement for Stevie Wonder to keep paying her for life after her husbands death? They probably were in this together and planned it all along! Such a greedy devious woman.


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