Sunday, 6 September 2015

The absolutely disgusting state of New Market Ngwa Road in Aba!

New Market Ngwa Road in Aba! 33

When you see pics like these,it shows Nigeria is the most tolerant country in the whole world! How can people move around in this conditions? And this is supposed to be a market place where food is sold to humans?It is just totally incredible! And there is a governor in that state,(Abia state) And there are senators and members of the house of reps,not to talk of the local government.I really think our constitution needs to be amended.Any government
official that does not provide the basic needs of the zone he presides on,should be jailed! No appeal,just straight to jail.In my opinion,Nigeria is not a country that should be ruled under democracy,cos we don't do things expected of us or believe in doing things smoothly and appropriately.

What we need is a dictator,its sad to say this,but when you see things like this,can you argue? Otherwise,how can a human with resources to fix and prevent this,see his fellow humans wallowing in this state of inhumane conditions and do nothing about it,while they go about residing in the best part of town and getting paid ridiculous salaries for doing nothing?
More pics of  New Market Ngwa Road  Aba after the cut..


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