Saturday, 17 October 2015

Aunt who sued nephew for breaking her wrist in hug explains it all

Jennifer Connell and her nephew, Sean Tarala, appeared to say that the lawsuit was simply an insurance "formality" to help cover her medical costs and wasn't meant to be blown out of proportion. Despite headlines slamming Connell for her decision, dubbing her the "worst aunt ever," she explained that she and her nephew are completely fine.She said

the public backlash was shocking to her .She said 

"We love each other very much," "This was simply a formality with an insurance claim.""It was a complete shock to was sort of heartbreaking and really painful but also like walking into a film of someone else's life and I hadn't been briefed,So, I've sort of just been in shock since that happened."It sounded terrible to me from the very beginning,"This was simply a case of formality with an insurance claim. I said at the start of this, 'I don't understand why. I don't want to sue Sean.'
12 year old Tarala also stood up for his aunt saying
 "She would never do anything to hurt the family or myself,She loves us."
It took the jury only 25 minutes to rule against Connell in her lawsuit, leaving her lost and "confused" about what to do with her medical costs. Thankfully there is no bad blood in her family.

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