Friday, 16 October 2015

Incredible images of Leeds Rapist seen on CCTV looking for victim to attack!

leeds rapist in Kirkgate area.This picture of the Leeds rapist parading the streets of Leeds for a victim to attack is shocking!
The disturbing CCTV clip shows the unidentified man walking around Leeds city centre shortly before he found his 24-year-old female victim at around 5am on Friday, August 14. The scary thing is the attack was so random because he was just looking for anyone at all that night.It could have happened to me or you. Police believe he was looking for someone to attack when he targeted the young woman. The victim was on her way to get a taxi home after a night out when she was approached by the man in the Kirkgate area of the city. He
spoke to her and walked alongside her before he picked her up (pictured) and carried her to the scene of the attack.What i do not understand though is why he picked her up,was she a prostitute? Was she too drunk to walk?Why pick up a girl and carry her so openly? Its a mystery. More photos of the attacker after the case anybody recognizes him...
It would be very hard to though,although somebody who knows him quite well might well recognize him.For the safety of those in the Leeds area,this rapist needs to be captured as son as possible and taken off the sreets!

Credit: UK Daily Mail

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