Thursday, 8 October 2015

Senate has received many petitions against Amaechi Ministerial nomination.

Rotimi Amaechi latest news.
Unsurprisingly,the Nigerian senate says it has received many petitions against ex River State Governor Rotimi Amaechi appointment or should i say nomination as a Nigerian minister.
Frankly i am shocked that despite all the controversy surrounding Rotimi Amaechi,President Buhari went ahead to nominate him as a minister.That in itself is scandalous! Maybe Buhari's hands were tied,but he should have fought against it.How can you nominate a man that more than half of the country perceives as corrupt for a ministerial role?
Spokesperson of the senate, Dino Melaye,while pouring light on the matter said the senate
has received more petitions against Rotimi Amaechi's ministerial nomination asides the petition from Senators from Rivers state which was presented to the senate by Senator George Sekibo yesterday October 7th.
"The petitions from the senators from Rivers state is not the only one that we have received. We will continue to receive petitions after the screening exercise"he said
Asked what the senate will do with the petitions presented, he said
"The senate especially the 8th senate is a responsible senate and all the petitions will receive the attention of the senate. The senate president in his wisdom has refer this particular petition to the committee on Ethics and public petitions and I am sure it will be treated. All petitions will be looked into, will be investigated. The authenticity of the petitions will be investigated and and at the end of the day the conclusion will be drawn"
I will be amazed if Rotimi Amaechi scales through.I also tengine think this is a spanner in the engine regarding Buhari's fight against corruption.He has really questioned his own credibility with this appointment. Even if Amaechi is innocent,the fact that he has this much outcry from virtually the whole country,should make him a no go area.

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