Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Why is everyone saying Drake is dating a Serena look alike Ravie Loso ?

Ravie Loso on date with Drake
Why are people always so eager to take the easy way out? All the headlines i see is Drake dating Serena Williams look alike.But these two don't look nothing alike.The only thing they have in common is the obvious.So does that mean if for instance there are two girls big on top,they are automatically look alikes? They have something in common ,they are not look alikes.
Drake was seen with popular instagram model Ravie Loso at The Nice Guy in Hollywood.
Apparently Serena Williams fans are not happy with all this and have been giving Ravie a hard time,so that she had to make her instagram private..Perils of fame eh? Phew!
One baffling thing about this picture is,can't Ravie Loso walk by herself? What's with all this touchy ushering thing?
More pics after the cut.

Serena Williams looks nothing like Ravie Loso.


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