Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Doyin Okupe lists number of roads created in 10 years by PDP and its shocking!

I am shocked at this action by Doyin Okupe.He had earlier on in the week rebuked the statement of Yemi Osinbajo,Nigeria's vice president,that the past governments of the last 10 years did not build a single new road.Doyin Okupe then spoke out denying this.He then went away for a couple of days to compile a list of the road that were supposedly built by the PDP in the last 10 years.And guess how many names he came up with?6! Yes ..SIX! This is embarrassing,personally,i would have been too ashamed to reveal this.And of those 6,5 of them were in the FCT Abuja.You would have thought a Federal government would be able to boast of at least one major road in all the states in Nigeria over  10 years.It just shows what mediocrity we are dealing with in Nigeria.If anyone can be proud to say they created 6 roads in 10 years...Sad...
He listed them as a reaction to claims by Vice President Yemi Osin‎bajo that the Federal Government in the last 10 years did not construct a single road. Continue to see the roads...

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