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Mark Zukerberg of Facebook visits Nigeria and tries the famous Jollof Rice!

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Mark Zukerberg in Nigeria.Mark Zukerberg along with Bill Gates must be the most likable billionaires on earth.And isn't it remarkable that both men are the most down to earth men you could ever meet?Not only that,they are also both atheist.Like i always say,you don't need religion to tell what is right or wrong.You only have to have a conscience and be humane.Zukerberg is in Nigeria on a visit and the youths and celebrities have taken to him

and flocked to him like honey to a bee.
Zukerberg is having a ball in Nigeria and already he has tasted our fabulous Jollof rice which he loved.
Here he is seen with some Nigerian celebrities,Basketmouth,Kunle Afolayan and Rita Dominic included.See more pictures of Mark Zukerberg's trip to Nigeria below...

News of Zukerberg's unannounced trip to Nigeria broke Tuesday with social media photos of him visiting the Co-Creation Hub (Cchub) innovation center in Lagos.
Zuckerberg then dropped in at Andela, a software developer accelerator, in which he and his wife’s foundation invested $24million earlier this year.
It seems Zuckerberg travels a bit like the president, per CcHub CEO Bosun Tijani’s account. “Facebook told us a few weeks ago there would be a visit by the partnerships manager. Then they told us a few days ago it could be Mark, but it was all top secret until today,” he told TechCrunch.
Zuckerberg met with coders in CcHub’s co-working space and then visited the incubation space, where he talked with reps from bookings startup and LifeBank App, a digital blood donor database.
So what brings one of the world’s most recognized tech executives to Nigeria? “I’ll be meeting with developers and entrepreneurs, and learning about the startup ecosystem…” Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post.
As far as any new Africa business commitments, “We are not announcing anything,” Facebook spokesperson Sally Aldous told TechCrunch via email. And for the rest of his visit, several Nigerian startup heads said they’d been invited to a Facebook townhall and Q&A with Zuckerberg on Wednesday.

Image result for mark zuckerberg in nigeria

Image result for mark zuckerberg in nigeria

Image result for mark zuckerberg in nigeria

Image result for mark zuckerberg in nigeria
Mark Zukerberg goes jogging in Lagos Nigeria.

Image result for mark zuckerberg in nigeria

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