Private Pics of Jennifer Lawrence&Victoria Justice leaked by Hacker!

Private Pics of Jennifer Lawrence&Victoria Justice leaked by Hacker!

Private Pics of Jennifer Lawrence&Victoria Justice leaked by Hacker!
Jennifer Lawrence.

Private pics of Jennifer Lawrence and Victoria Justice have 

sensationally been leaked online! Apparently a phone hacker hacked into

their phones and loaded the pictures online! 

! Can't imagine what those must be going through right now.

Those pictures are private and not 

meant for the internet so i don't think these ladies should be judged.However i 

think there should be a serious investigation to find the person who hacked into 

these phones.It doesn't take the authorities long to find these things if they 

really want to.

There has been mixed reactions to the Jennifer Lawrence and Victoria 

Justice pictures online.Some fans have been commenting on how hot the 

pictures are while some are concerned about the mental state of the victims.

Jennifer Lawrence,the Oscar winning actress in particular got the most 

concerned responses.Some fans expressed their fears for the talented actress 

and hope this does not make her shy away from acting.

But it is surprising that an actress such as Jennifer Lawrence,who is so high 

profiled will know about the dangers of having such pictures on her phone.It is 

said over sixty very private pictures were on the Oscar winners phone.

Jennifer Lawrence has been trending on twitter since the private pictures 

were released.It seems to be what everyone is talking about.

Bearing in mind the profile of the actress,i will not be surprised if the police get 

involved in how hunger games star,Jennifer Lawrence's explicit pictures got to be 

leaked.Surely it must be some kind of offence to hack into somebody's phone 

and leak their personal pictures?Especially when the said pictures private and intimate.

It's hi-time celebrities learn that it is too dangerous in this day and age to keep 

incriminating stuff or intimate pictures on your phone.Cos if they get 

into the wrong hands this is what happens.

Unfortunately Jennifer Lawrence and Victoria Justice have learnt this lesson 

with their pictures in a hard way.

And finally lets hope  we will not be denied the talents of Jennifer Lawrence due 

to these explicit nude pictures of hers being displayed all over the net.This 

could really do damage to someone who is not really strong.Lets hope she is as 

strong as the performances she delivers on screen.

UPDATES ON THE Jennifer Lawrence private leaked pictures

Representatives of Jennifer Lawrence have fired back at the persons responsible for the photos leak that occurred earlier today (August 31).
A spokesperson for Jennifer Lawrence has issued the following statement to various publications stating: “This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.

As a result of this,various websites that posted the pics,have removed the pictures.Just as i expected.I knew they could not get away with this for too long.

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