Ayo Fayose's supporters allegedly beat up &Hospitalize Judge!

Ayo Fayose's supporters allegedly beat up &Hospitalize Judge!

Governor elect Ayo Fayose who's supporters were alleged to have beaten up Justice Adeyeye in Ekiti.

I don't know for a fact if this really happened,but if it did i would not be surprised in the least.The politicians have turned Nigeria into a jungle.The story is that a judge at the Ekiti
high court,Justice Adeyeye,was beaten up & hospitalized by thugs of Governor elect,Ayo Fayose.His offence was he had been rude to Fayose because he asked some of the entourage who followed him to court to wait outside the court room.
According to Premium Times, Fayose arrived the court house in company of about twenty of his 'supporters' for the Ekiti State Governorship Election petition tribunal which was to hold today.

The judge, seeing the number of supporters that accompanied Fayose to the court house asked him to direct them outside as they were not allowed inside the court premises. This is said to have infuriated Fayose and his supporters...

 From Premium Times

An enraged Mr. Fayose was said to have shouted the judge down. Immediately, the thugs pounced on Justice Adeyeye, beat him up and tore his clothes, while his co workers scampered and shouted for help. Following the development, judicial workers hurriedly shut down the court premises thereby preventing any court proceeding for hours before the police fired tear gas canisters to disperse the surging crowd. Justice Adeyeye is presently receiving treatment at a private hospital in Ado-Ekiti.
A similar scenario had played out on Monday when suspected PDP thugs stormed the high court premises, attacked the trial judge, some litigants and judicial workers in the bid to prevent hearing in a case to determine Mr. Fayose’s eligibility for the June 21 governorship election. Mr. Fayose could not be reached on Thursday morning. He did not answer or return calls to his mobile telephone.
Sometimes you do wonder whether we are better off with the army in Nigeria,honestly.We clamour for democratic government when the  Khaki warlords are in power.The Civilians get power and they turn out even worse!
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