Shuaibu Amodu is dead in another Nigerian Football shocker at 58!

Amodu Shuaibu dead! This is not a dream but tragedy has struck Nigeria in the same place 2ce in a matter of days as we lose another National football coach.3 days after the death of coach Steven Keshi,another Nigerian national coach has died.
Amodu, who coached the Super Eagles at four different times, was said to have complained of chest pains on Friday night, and died in his sleep, according to the official NFF Twitter handle. Family members later said through a source that Shauibu had asked his family to prepare some food for him to break his fast(he's a muslim)They then went to wake him up at 5am,but there was no response from him,forcing the family to break down his door.They found him dead on entry.

Amodu Shuaibu is from which state?Rather spookily,Amodu who hails from Edo state and Keshi were close friends who
both died in Benin,and they worked as head coach and assistant coach of the Super Eagles to the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations where they finished third.I was only just listening to him eulogize his friend a few days ago.Who would have known that the two men would die in a matter of days after each other?When i saw this news,i thought some sick person is playing a stupid joke on social media.I went straight to the NFF official site,and behold,there it was in black and white,Coach Shaibu Amodu is indeed dead.This is so sad.He died at the age of 58 in what looks and sounds like a heart attack,probably the silent killer which is the dreaded hypertension that killed Keshi as well.A lot of people are asking what could be happening and killing these coaches.
Football is a very highly tense game.How many times have you watched a game and it felt like your heart was going to explode? Now imagine this,you are only a fan.Imagine those who have to go through this everyday as coaches,with their livelihood depending on results and welfare of their families.
It is not a surprise to see the blood pressure of coaches rise so high during matches and reduce drastically after the match.Going through this year after year eventually takes a toll.Without good medical care and attention,this could prove fatal.

So many high profile coaches have died all over the world in football,a popular example was the coach of Scotland Jock Stein who had a heart attack during a world cup match,slumped and died.
Alex Ferguson,the famous Manchester United coach had a heart problem and had to have a pace maker fitted,same thing with Graeme Souness and many other coaches.
So before we start with our superstitions and what nots,we should get educated about these things.

What does this say about our health system? Nigerians really need to be educated about this dreaded high blood pressure and how we can overcome,manage and prevent it.Even if one is diagnosed of high blood pressure in Nigeria,can the average man avoid the medication which often is a lifetime procedure of taking medication everyday? And there is the case of worrying if you are buying the original thing and not fake medicine.
Gosh,its hard being a Nigerian.
Family sources said a check on Amodu at 4am on Saturday morning discovered his lifeless body. His remains has been deposited in the same Stella Obasanjo Specialist Hospital morgue, the same place Keshi is at the moment before the finalisation of his burial formalities.
Who is Amodu Shuaibu?
The late Nigerian coach Amodu was born 18 April, 1958 in Edo State. – Before his latest appointment, he had managed Nigeria on  three different occassions: 1998–1999, 2001–2002 and 2008–2010 – He was appointed Head Coach of the Nigerian national side in April 2008, and was sacked on 6 February 2010 despite reaching third place with the national side in the 2010 African Cup of Nations. – He was demoted to serve as the coach of the Nigerian home-based Eagles. – He led Nigeria to the AFCON bronze medal at Mali 2002 and Angola 2010. – Other accomplishments of Amodu include Nigerian FA Cup titles with BCC Lions of Gboko and El Kanemi Warriors on multiple occasions. – He was appointed technical director of Nigeria’s national teams in May 2013. – He was named Technical Director of Bendel Insurance F.C. – Some of the club sides Amodu has coached in the past both in Nigeria and overseas include: Shooting Stars, BCC Lions, El Kanemi Warriors, Sharks F.C and Orlando Pirates of South Africa.
Amodu Shaibu is a muslim and arrangements are said to be currently going on in Benin for the burial of the ex Nigerian coach today according to muslim rites.
May his soul rest in peace.
See the burial of Shaibu Amodu here.

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