Sian Blake cause of death finally revealed by partner Arthur Simpson kent.

Sian Blake cause of death finally revealed by partner Arthur Simpson kent.

mystery of sian blake death solved as arthur simpson kent reveals her cause of death

Sian Blake cause of death.The partner of ex Eastenders actress Arthur Simpson kent at the Old Bailey pleaded in court for the murders on Friday 10th of June.Sian Blake death along with that of her 2 children had been a mystery as to why they were killed.Arthur had revealed to his mother Selina Hoggett in a confessional letter why he killed Sian and the kids.He wrote-  “Sorry for the
attention I have brought to your life.
"Why? For months we discussed her options because of her illness and she told me if it got to a certain point she would like to die.
“And it got to that point. Why the children?

"Because the agreement without their parents there was no one qualified to raise them in the way they were accustomed to. Society was not an option neither was her family. So the final promise was we all go.”

The killer, 48, added: “Why Ghana? I wanted to die in the place I was born and now is the time.”

His mum replied: “Arthur please don’t kill yourself. We love you.”

But instead of committing suicide, Simpson-Kent spent his last days of freedom in beachside bars before his arrest and extradition to the UK.
Question is if this was the real reason for the murders,why did Arthur Kent run?He could have confessed all this to the police,maybe he would have gotten a lesser jail term.But what proves to me he is lying is the murder of the 2 children.The reason he gave for killing them is utterly ridiculous,but then again people have done worse.We have seen husbands or wives kill their kids just so that the other person would not have the pleasure of seeing them again.Its all very sad and pointless,just a waste to so many lives.

RIP Sian Blake along with your children and thanks for the memories.

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