jay bowdy facebook live suicide shocks America and the world!

jay bowdy facebook live suicide shocks America and the world!

People are stick in a shock over budding actor Jay Bowdy Facebook live suicide On Monday Jan. 23. 2017. It is unclear what prompted the 34 year old up-and-coming actor to take his own life, some people claim it could be depression. In a letter, one of his friends wrote that she was sorry to have failed him and wondering how she could have helped and prevented the terrible incident.This is a common trait amongst friends and relatives of those who take their own lives.The guilt.
Personally,i feel it is really selfish for anyone to take their own life,especially when they have
a young family depending on them like Bowdy did.But to have done this on social media suggests to me that not only was he depressed,but also has some mental issues.
Otherwise,why do that?What if his wife and kids had been watching that video not knowing what was coming next?Very sad indeed.

The actor who was born in  Bowdy was born in San Antonio Texas,was a guy who seemed to have it all,he was handsome,had a beautiful wife and kids,was also smart.Jay was the first person to earn a college degree on his father's side. He also has a Masters degree.So this is no stupid fellow.He had it all,but depression can be a terrible thing.

After his Facebook video death, people kept sharing his live broadcast until they were asked to stop sharing it. Others reported the video to Facebook and the one on his page has since been taken down. The video was on his page for over 8 hours before it was taken down.The dead actor had his first child at 18 and got married to his wife when he was 25. He had 2 kids from a previous relationship, and 4 children with his wife.

He is survived by his wife, his 3 sons and 3 daughters.

Here are some of the sad tribute messages on his Facebook page and some from his friends on twitter.

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