Love songs singer Joe Thomas accused of domestic violence!

So Joe Thomas,singer of some of the most romantic songs ever,beat up his girlfriend Michele when they were dating?Now if this is really true,it will be a killer for many ladies.I have lost count of the amount of ladies i know who think Joe is the perfect guy cos of all his love songs and romantic lyrics.
But why wait now to reveal this after all these years of breaking up?Is this a case of a woman scorned?

A website, Lipstickalley.com, claim to have reached out to Joe's manager and got a response from her confirming the allegations against Joe.

According to her;

 "He did beat her. Like many victims of domestic violence, she keeps it a secret from everyone including her family."
See the message confirming the abuse below;

Well,he did say he doesn't wanna be a player no more,maybe he beat her up when he was a player?

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