The true story of Tonto Dikeh husband cheating and marriage break up

The true story of Tonto Dikeh husband cheating and marriage break up

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Popular Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh's marriage is going through a torrid time after her husband Oladunni Churchill's alleged affair with one of his staff.
She has promptly removed his name from her social media instagram handle and going back to her maiden name.What is it with Nolywood actresses that they can't seem to maintain a marriage?In the case of Tonto,it's really sad,because after she got married to this guy and had a son,she really changed.She was no more found on social media causing trouble like she usually did,and instead
faved her home and raised her son,Andrea.She has not even posted picture of the child's face till today,that is how protective and guarded she has been about her family.So this must have really hit her hard.
Apparently,the woman who is rumoured to have broken up her home is also an actress.Her name is Rosaline Meure,and her picture can be seen above.Already fans have been giving her a hard time by attacking her for sending a birthday shout out to Churchill.

See exclusive picture of her son's picture at this link.

But according to the ex best friend of the actress,singer and rapper Shaka El,the actrss is getting just what she deserves.In a post on social media,he revealed not in so many words that karma had visited her and done to her what she had done to others by having affairs with their husbands.Here is what he posted on instagram:“Karma is a Bit*h that all Bit*hes out there should Respect because it will always come and show you pepper, My advise to young gals out there ,if you are sleeping with other people's Husband and breaking homes,when you get married abeg dont be angry if karma comes knocking at your door,".
With friends like these,who needs enemies?😊😊😊😊I guess that is why they are no longer friends.

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Changing names..Now you see the Churchill...and then you don't..its back to her maiden name.

It's also funny how a bit of setback can suddenly wanna make you turn to God and see sense.Tonto Dikeh insults Mercy Johnson was a headline we all saw a few years ago.Well,apparently what happened was she called Mercy's child a witch.God knows why she did it.But now she has apologized to Mercy for saying this and begged for her forgiveness saying she was wrong to say that about her child,and now that she is a mother herself,she can see she was wrong.She then proceeded to follow her on instagram with Johnson reciprocating.Now,is she trying to say all these years,she didn't realise she was wrong to say that?I mean,it's been four years now.
So knowing Nigerians and the way we think,she probably thought she was being punished for that with the break up of her marriage and quickly proceeded to apologize,lol.

Like i was saying earlier,all these Nollywood actresses can't seem to hold their relationships together.Another pretty lady,the Nollywood actress jailed for manslaughter,Fiberisima Ibinabo,revealed yesterday that her much covered wedding of 2 years ago has also broken up! What is happening with these Naija ladies?Really sad.Meanwhile,i am sure there is more coming in the case of Mr and Mrs Churchill.

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