Sad story of missing Kamiyah Mobley and 2 parents from unlikely worlds

Sad story of missing Kamiyah Mobley and 2 parents from unlikely worlds

Kamiyah Mobley wanted baby poster

Eighteen years ago Kamiyah Mobley went missing after she was kidnapped in a Jacksonville hospital and later found in South Carolina.It was a nightmare for her parents,but now the teenager is starting her own nightmare.
I don't envy her at all.What do you tell a girl who has known only one mother and possibly dad her whole life then being told suddenly without the slightest suspicion that those are in fact not your mum and dad?
On one hand,you are thinking she should be left with the kidnapper Gloria Williams,because the young lady has undoubtedly been well looked after.You only have to look at her to realise that.On the other hand,she committed a serious crime,she stole a child from hospital.You cannot go about stealing
new born babies just because you think you can give the baby a better life.
I really felt for Kamiyah when she was waving goodbye to her "mother" in court, telling her she loves her and defending her on social media that she is not a felon.
Yep,that is just what i expected.You don't just fall out of love with a mother you have bonded with all your life in a week or less.
As times goes by,she might come to hate or dislike Gloria for what she had done to her,but then again,if she does not like her new parents,Craig Aiken and Shanara Mobley,who are the real ones,there might be a big problem.She might actually resent them and blame them for disturbing the settled lifestyle she had.
The very unlikely looking police sketch of the kidnapped baby at the time of the incident.

It must be said though that the real mum,never gave up on her daughter and every year she celebrated her birthday with a slice of cake,wrapping it in aluminum foil and sticking it in the freezer of her Jacksonville home.
Kamiyah's mother Shanara Mobley
Real mother Shanara being comforted 18 years ago after her baby was abducted.
CNN also reported that she received $1.5 million in a legal settlement against University Medical Center and has three other children.I hope that money has not all been frittered away,bearing in mid that she was only 16 at the time.Looking at pictures of the dad,i don't think he is doing well financially.So did she keep all the money to herself?I would have thought they both had their child kidnapped so will be compensated together.And even if he wasn't,she would have given him something from that amount wouldn't she?Hmmmm...
Real dad,Craig Aiken can't wait to meet his daughter.

The whole thing is a sad mess.It has surfaced that Gloria has a sackful of criminal records,mainly relating to fraud and deception.Who would have thought that?Looking at that pleasant looking lady?It just shows you never know,never judge a book by its cover.

Going back to the incident that rocked America 18 years ago,the now 41 year old Gloria, dressed as a nurse to abduct the baby who was only eight hours old.Williams allegedly entered the hotel room and the new 15 year old mother that her newborn baby had a fever and exited the room, and later the hospital, with the baby and disappeared.”
It really was a shocking incident and many mothers felt empathy as the Kamiyah Mobley missing headlines filled the front of newspapers and news bulletins.
Kamiyah's mother Shanara, had her when she was only 15,her dad Craig was 19.He was also in jail at the time of her birth from a minor incident.Poor girl,everything around her seems tainted with one thing or the other.
Alexis Kelli Manigo alongside Gloria Williams
Motherly bond...kidnapper and the now grown kidnapped child before she was found in South Carolina.

Alexis Kelli Manigo alongside Gloria Williams

And who drew that sketch of the little girl at the time of her abduction?That is no black baby!That looks more like an Asian baby.With a sketch like that,it's a miracle she has been found.The kidnapper looks nothing like herself either.But i guess we have to take their explanation that since the baby was merely hours old,there was no picture to work with.But still,they should have known that the baby looked more Chinese than black in that sketch.

She was found by what you could call a stroke of luck and people being vigilant.There were several tip offs to the police,giving them proper reasons to believe that they might have found the kidnapped baby of 18 years ago.
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