Mischa Barton fights boyfriend for leaked sex tape filmed secretly

Mischa Barton fights boyfriend for leaked sex tape filmed secretly

Actress Mischa Barton hold press conference on leaked sex tape

A leaked Mischa Barton tape by her ex boyfriend that is threatening to go on sale is being fought vigorously by the Notting Hill actress.
She has described her ordeal as“horrific” as she fights against the public release of the tape filmed by a former partner secretly and without her consent.
Visibly shaken as she appeared at a press conference alongside her lawyer,she revealed the legal steps being taken to stop footage and images being sold and published on adult websites.
It must be really hard being a female celebrity in this day.How many times have we heard
about things along this nature happening recently?Frankly,i think it is disgusting and the government needs to really put a strong law in place to check it and discourage potential culprits.

The 31 year old, said she is speaking out about her experience in order to “protect” other women from the “pain and humiliation” of similar situations.
She said: “I just want to say that I have been put through an incredibly hard and trying time. This is a painful situation and my absolute worst fear was realised when I learned that someone I thought I loved and trusted was filming my most intimate and private moments, without my consent, with hidden cameras.
“And then I learned something even worse – that someone is trying to sell these videos and make them public.
“I came forward to fight this, not only for myself but for all the women out there.
“I want to protect them from the pain and humiliation that I have had to go through. No woman should have to go through this.”

Mischa then thanked her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, and her friends for helping her “throughout this horrific experience”.

Ironically,the ex has not been revealed.Now isn't that funny?He is shopping intimate materials of her all over the place,yet cannot be named,probably for legal reasons?It stinks if you ask me.The video according to the Notting Hill actress was filmed in the last year.
In Californian law,the actions of the ex,making a private tape without the knowledge of the person involved is considered a form of domestic abuse.
In a written statement, she said the court agreed and “gave us everything we asked for, including orders to stay away from the actress and not contact her”.
She added: “Most importantly, the court ordered that this individual and his agents ‘may not sell, distribute, give away or show any naked pictures or video of any type of Mischa Barton’.”
Her lawyer said she called the press conference to raise awareness of the images and video and to stop their sale and publication to all interested parties.
She said that those who violate the court’s order could face imprisonment.
The leak comes at the same time that another actress,Emma Watson, had threatened legal action after personal images had been stolen from her and gone public.

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