OJ Simpson now a free man after parole hearing,but should he be free?

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The OJ Simpson case is one that will be forever one of the historic and folklore moments passed on to generations.The ex American footballer and movie star finally got his freedom yesterday after serving 9 years of a 33 year sentence for charges of armed robbery.
Now everyone who knows about his case during the murder trial of his wife Nicole,knows the man was guilty even though he was set free.Everyone also knows he should not have been jailed or at the most gotten community service or suspended sentence for him allegedly going to rob some men who had stolen his memorabilia's.
But the authorities got lucky and made him pay for the apparent murder of his wife.Now anybody else,after listening to the parole hearing,i would have said,fair to him,he did his time and deserves his probation.But OJ's case i can't really decide.I loved the man during my childhood,but i can't help but think a man who killed his wife the way he did(at least i think he did anyway)does not deserve to go free.Many have been killed as a result of the same thing.Most have gotten a life sentence.So should
the Juice be running free now?
At the same time there is that one side of me who is thinking ,well,he was found not guilty,so he should be let loose.
It's a tough one.
It was kind of spooky when i saw his daughter come give testimony for him and calling him her best friend.Did she follow the case?Is there any doubts in her mind?I guess if you are the child,you don't wanna believe your dad killed your mother that way.It could really mess up your life.So its better to live in denial.
But the Juice is loose now,he is a free man come October 2017.I hope he can live with himself if he is really guilty.But i guess he can.I saw a documentary of him recently and he was living it up just before he was arrested for the robbery.He was hanging out with strippers,rappers,partying everyday and living like the God father...So i don't think conscience will be a problem for OJ if he really is guilty
I guess some people are cut like that....
Below are some reactions to his freedom...

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