Books to read when self isolating.

Books to read when self isolating.

Books to read when in isolation is percy jackson series

Books to read when self isolating during corona virus lockdown or any other time of such,is what we address today.

While you are stuck home and wondering what to do why not pick up a book to read and let your imaginations be put to good use.

Here are a few highly recommended ones.

The Percy Jackson series: If you are a fan of adventure stories or Greek mythologies with plots to widen your imaginations this book is for you, Rick Riordan also known as the mouthpiece of the gods put all the works on this series. Percy Jackson went from a
twelve year old unsure demigod to one of the seven in the greatest prophesies that could make or break the world as we know it if he and his friends don't close the doors of death before the earth mother and all her minions are all let out.
The Percy Jackson series consists of eighth compelling books that are a must read.

Great african and Nigerian books to read recomended for you

Children of blood and bone: Tomi Adeyemi did the African writing community proud with this series, The imagery and suspense she brought from the life of Zelie, Amari, Inan and Tzain is simply awe-inspiring. If you are a fan of Yoruba mythologies then this is a must read, You also have time to read this before the third book in the series comes out so what are you waiting for?!

Rules to catch a devilish duke is a good book to read in isolation

Rules to catch a devilish duke: this romance book by Suzanne Enoch is a must read for all the lovers of romantic books, if you are single and probably need to imagine a beautiful love story for yourself then you definitely have to read this.

Good books to read,sisters danielle steel

Sisters: This emotional rollercoaster by Danielle Steel would cause any stone hearted person to shed tears, Danielle is one author that has practiced the art of telling tragedy so well you can almost relate to it and it'll be sure to bring tears to your eyes. This book teaches the importance of family, bonding and being there for each other when all other odds seem against the love you share. Seeing how this isolation is forcing people to bond and spend more time with your family, this is a must read to teach you how important family is.

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