Corona virus isolation and religion in Africa.

Corona virus isolation and religion in Africa.

Corona virus and churches,mosques,religion

Corona virus lockdown in conflict with religion.We have seen some citizens in places like Nigeria,India,Zimbabwe and Brazil for example, fail to adhere to the instruction to stay at home.
You must have seen the pictures and video of some security personels whipping worshippers as they came out of church somewhere in Zimbabwe.
There was also the burning of property and
a police station somewhere in Northern Nigeria,because they had been stopped from going to the mosque.
All this i will say is down to ignorance.If they knew the realities of this,they will not risk their lives by insisting on going to a gathering of many.

We even had some religious leaders telling their followers that they are imume to this as a child of God.
Coronavirus and religion

As the corona virus continues to spread across Nigeria, the government had told churches to hold their services online or to just pray in their homes to avoid contacting the virus but it seems the churches are not listening.

Every Sunday and even on weekdays, you can still hear the sound of churches holding their services with people still trooping in, their one excuse is that,this is the time of rapture and they have to pray to God even more, but their disobedience will cause harm to not just them but the innocent masses.

What is even more shocking to hear is that these churches are challenging their members to dare the Covid 19 in the name of Jesus and while it might be commendable to see such faith amongst Christians, death knows no man.Amen.

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