Nigeria Coronavirus update: lockdown without electricity

Nigeria Coronavirus update: lockdown without electricity

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Nigeria Coronavirus update tells us lack of electricit is one of the many hardships the people are facing.

Nigeria counts lack of stable electrical power supply as one of her core problems, and very often you'll see politicians who are vying for prominent position cash in on this fact to promote their campaign. Nigerians
used to be intrigued by such empty promises, but the inability of the past and present ruling power to deliver on this promise made Nigerians ultimately give up
hope. The pandemic hasn't changed the uneven power distribution in Nigeria, and that is a huge problem for those who suddenly found themselves working from home.

Before now, business owners had alternate power supply in the form of power generators, solar inverters, and solar panels. But since the shutdown order was given, they have little or no access to those power supply alternatives, very expensive ones if I might add.
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So what exactly are the government doing about this?
Most of them don't care really since they have 24hrs supply of electricity.But i really hope that this situation somehow affects them,so they can see what it's really like for the common man.
Asking the citizens to stay at home in the first place when there is no power is cruel.
It is so cruel that some staff of PHCN actually went about disconnecting lights of citizens on the very day the 2 week lockdown was to start!
Who does that? What kind of peoole are these?
Heads should roll for such actions.But we wait in vain.
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