Coronavirus price gouging/inflation in Nigeria

Coronavirus price gouging/inflation in Nigeria

Prices of goods go up in nigeria due to corona virus

Coronavirus price gouging/inflation in Nigeria is the latest outcry by Naija people.

There's a saying that humans are each other's worst enemies and Nigerians are the complete epitome of that statement. Ever since the moment the government of Nigeria announced her first corona case and the
possibility of a lockdown, the prices of goods and house hope commodities skyrocketed.

The traders have turned the covid-19 virus as an excuse to steal from the masses giving excuses like, "there are no buses to take them to get goods, It is expensive in the market" and such, the desperate Nigerians who have no choice but to stay at home during this lockdown would have to concede and buy these goods at any cost, or  they starve.
Coronavirus price gouging and inflation in Nigeria africa europe and usa

The government has tried to deploy policemen to control the greed of the market men and women but it is a case of sending the devil to check on his demons as they would only bargain and make a deal with the marketers to give them their share of the money they are extorting from the poor masses. It is another example of how before the virus gets to us, starvation may just be the end.
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