Surviving corona virus isolation/lockdown:Things to do

Surviving corona virus isolation/lockdown:Things to do

Things you can do during corona virus isolation lockdown

A guide to survive corona virus isolation.

We all know this covid 19 lockdown period means a cease and desist, at this period it's either stay home, go out and face the military or be at risk of the virus.

Here's are a few things creatives can do to
lessen the boredom from being home.

Pick up a book, during this period of no movement, it'd be a good time to exercise your brain learn a new thing, a self development book to pick up a new skill or just a book to improve your reading skills.

Write that book you started, a lot of authors have the whole free period to get busy and finish the multiple books they started, we are not going anywhere. Get creative.

Start that workout you've been delaying, there are multiple workout tips on YouTube, Google and the likes on how to start a home work out and get that body you've been envisioning.

Start the background work for that business idea that has been brewing in your head.

Pick up on your school projects, for the final year study fate has provided you an extra one month to get that amazing project you've been working on.

Getting rest, a lot of people have been overworked from the stress of everyday busy lives and now, all you have to do is stay home and rest, survive and stay safe.
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