Soldier kills man in Warri Delta corona lockdown

Soldier kills man in Warri Delta corona lockdown

The man who was killed in delta warri by soldiers during corona virus lockdown

Chaos in Warri Delta,Nigeria,as soldier kills man who was going to buy medicine for his pregnant wife during corona virus lockdown.

The government of Nigeria's recently proposed lockdown has seen them deploying military men in various federal
roads in Lagos to keep the stubborn rule breakers at bay but as usual the military men might be a little too trigger happy.

After an army official shot a man that had gone to get medications for his wife, we will never know what escalated the situation as the dead cannot talk but what we do know is, the life of the citizens will be at stake if their lives are put in the hands of trigger happy militants who are too quick to pull the trigger at the slightest provocation.

The masses are scared and believe before the virus gets to them the military stationed at every road will finish them off, we can only pray the government is able to curb them before their trigger happy fingers cause more woes than the virus can cause.
The killing cuased a riot and what could have been sensibly resolved led to a revolt endangering more citizens and destroying property.So who gains from all this?
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