Corona virus:Is Nigerian government backtracking?

Corona virus:Is Nigerian government backtracking?

Corona virus update news in Nigeria

Coronavirus Nigeria update news:Is the covid 19 outcry making Nigeria relent on their lockdown?

The Nigerian government as of Monday 28 of March enforced a curfew/lockdown on Lagos state, FCT and Ogun state because of the scare of their higher number of the Covid-19 virus and 3 days into the lockdown
they are relapsing on their word.

The government released a new decree that markets are now to be open from 10am to 2pm to allow people stock their homes and while this might be a good move for the masses that depend on the selling their goods to make a living, it could also be quite detrimental to the control of the spread of the Virus. In their bid to play the good cop to the stubborn citizens that have been putting up a fight against the lockdown, they might also be endangering the multitude they should be protecting, even more bizarrely the 10am to 2pm market shift is day on, day off system but knowing Nigerians they will hardly adhere to the rules.

It might seem the Nigerian government may be biting more than they can chew with this virus.
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