How Nigerian entertainment is tackling covid 19

How Nigerian entertainment is tackling covid 19

Corona virus news in Nigeria

Corona virus and entertainment in Nigeria with celebrity news

The Nigerian entertainment industry has found a way to have fun despite the corona virus attack.The mass pandemic Covid-19 is bringing about a lot of challenges and it seems artistes are taking advantage of the fact that everyone is home and bored.From the international scene to the local scene, there are on-going dance challenges, dress up challenges like the savage challange, the
nobody make up challenge and the don't rush make up challenge, all you have to do is sleep and wake up to a new competition.

Just a few days ago, the talented producer Sarz had an Instagram live challenge with the equally talented Shizzi and they battled it out with Sarz the producer coming out on top but it wasn't the winning party that made this trend,but how well Shizzi took his loss that had Twitter buzzing, he was such a good sport regardless of his loss.

The DMW crew also threw upon a free challenge to anyone that wanted to battle it out with them but no one turned up.It was still a party as Djecool turned it up for those that tuned in to watch, tonight however Masterkraft and Pheelz are battling it out and by tomorrow Twitter and Instagram alike will have trending topics to discuss, all thanks to the numerous challenges and gbas gbos that'll surely be in abundance on the live battles.

At the end of all this,do we thank corona for giving us this many challenges and competitions to look forward to or are we tired of seeing them at this point?
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