Rapper Fred the Godson cause of death

Fred the godson dead,what did he die of,what was his cause of death and net worth

What did rapper Fred the Godson die of ?What was his cause of death?
Sadly he died of complications from corona virus.His medical history had made him a high risk of the covid 19 virus.
The New York rapper had a history of kidney disease, asthma and diabetes that he worked
through since he was a child.
On his instagram account wo weeks ago, he posted a picture from hospital,with the info he’d been admitted to a hospital due to complications from the virus.
He had a net worth of $4m.
Fred the godson net worth

He then sent a message to his fans saying: “I’m in here with this Covid-19 shi*t! Please keep me in y’all prayers!!! #GodIsGreat.”
The Godson was said to be making progress after being placed on a ventilator on April 6, with the ventalator doing 70 per cent of his breathing at one point, but his health later took a bad turn.
On April 23 his fever allegedly peaked at 105F and his kidneys gave up.
His COVID-19 conditiin got worse and he died on Thursday.

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