Why Coronavirus could burn out naturally:says expert

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Coronavirus could burn out naturally, claims Professor Karol Sikora a former director of the World Health Organisation.This welcome news comes amid a scramble by world leaders to find a covid 19 vaccine.
Many experts doubt that a coronavirus vaccine can be developed within a year.
The UK Government for example announced a £90 million campaign to produce a
American President, Donald Trump on the other hand,says the US will reopen, "vaccine or no vaccine", as he announced an objective to deliver a coronavirus vaccine by year end.
He likened the vaccine project, dubbed "Operation Warp Speed", to the World War Two effort to produce the world's first nuclear weapons.
But Trump made clear that even without a vaccine, Americans must begin to return to their lives as normal.
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Professor Sikora, an oncologist and chief medical officer at Rutherford Health, said the public probably has more immunity to Covid-19 than realised.
He thought the virus could end up “petering out by itself”.Explaining more on social media he explained:
“There is a real chance that the virus will burn out naturally before any vaccine is developed.
“We are seeing a roughly similar pattern everywhere – I suspect we have more immunity than estimated.
“We need to keep slowing the virus, but it could be petering out by itself.”
It’s hoped to be open in summer 2021 – 12 months ahead of schedule.
And, more than £38 million is going towards creating a rapid development unit to ensure a successful vaccine can be produced quickly.
The Government said the VMIC could make enough vaccine to serve all the UK within six months.
Mr Sharma said we need to be ready to “manufacture a vaccine by the millions” when the breakthrough comes, and this funding will help make that happen
The VMIC’s chief executive, Dr Matthew Duchars, added:
“This investment will rapidly accelerate the construction of the facility, enabling us to bring it online a year sooner.
“In addition, the capacity will be significantly increased, so that enough vaccines could be made for everyone in the UK within a matter of months of opening.”

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