How Hushpuppy was arrested in Dubai by interpol:video

How Hushpuppy was arrested in Dubai by interpol:video

hushpuppy arrested in dubai
Hushpuppi arrested in Dubai is the trending news on the net and Nigerian publications.The social media celebrity was reportedly arrested by International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL), in Dubai, UAE on Tuesday.
The gist is that he along Hushpuppi along with his friend and alleged accomplice, Mr.
Woodberry at their Dubai palatial home.They are said to have been involved in a fraud to the tune of $35 million dollars meant for COVID-19 ventilators.
There was also a video online where an American station was reporting that some Nigerians were involved in a fraudulent deal that amounted into over a hundred million dollars! It is however not know if she was talking about the Hushpuppi case.

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hushpuppi arrested in dubai

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There is also a video trending online that is said to be the moment when Hushpuppi was being arrested.It is quite dark in the video,so it is hard to tell.But you can watch the video below.
Nigerians took to Twitter to share their thoughts over the report which is yet to be confirmed.
Here are some reactions:
Turns out Hushpuppi and his goons diverted $35M meant for Covid19 Ventilators. Imagine how many lives this will affect.

See eh, It takes a certain level of wickedness to do fraud

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This is the video of Interpol at the building that Hushpuppi, Mr Woodyberry were arrested.

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Interpol will handover hushpuppi to EFCC just like they did with mompha and in no time he’ll be free again ,same old story ,different person

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Hushpuppi has been arrested in Dubai by the interpol,I thought he said he’s into real estate?

Shey middle man don carry rent money go? 😭

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