Is Naira Marley a scape goat or his own worst enemy

Is Naira Marley a scape goat or his own worst enemy

Naira marley to be prosecuted for travelling to abuja for concert show
Naira Marley,the Soapy,Opotoyi and Japa singer,to name a few of his hit songs,is once again in trouble,this time for travelling to Abuja with some Marlians on a private jet to perform a live show,while there was a lockdown imposed by the government.

Naira seems to be an easy target for every blogger,social critic and even government officials now.Many times i have been shocked when i see someone who i thought would have no idea who the singer was,talking about him and his Marlian movement.Right now the major consensus  is that he is a bad influence to kids and has to be stopped.
He still has a case of fraudulent charges pending,if you recall,he was locked up for something like 4
weeks before he could make bail.His next mishap was when he and a few people gathered at Funke Akindele's house for JJC's birthday party.A video was released by the celebrant and caused an uproar online.The authorities intervened and Funke as well as her husband were fined and asked to undertake some rehabilitation.

Every time Marley releases a song,there is always the moral police having a thing or two to say about it,because his lyrics are very lewd,as well as the video.But my take is this on that,as long as the songs are played at the appropriate times,i don't see what the problem is.Surely adults are allowed to listen to adult themed songs right?

But the rapper singer's latest wahala is,his trip on a private jet to Abuja to perform at a show,while there was supposed to have been a lockdown.There was no social distancing at the show either as the fans were all cramped together having a good tine.
As usual,the visuals and images leaked to the press and the government got involved.
The first course of action was,the centre were the concert was held,the Jabi Lake Mall in Abuja,was locked up indefinitely for flouting the law.In other words,they were put on lockdown for not obeying the lockdown,lol.
Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Muhammad Bello.

naira marley and  Chairman of Executive Jets Services,Sam Iwuajoku
 Chairman of Executive Jets Services Sam Iwuajoku.

The next action was,the private jet company that flew the star and his entourage to Abuja,Executive Jets Services,was suspended also.This quickly prompted the Chairman of Executive Jets Services,Sam Iwuajoku, to plead their innocence by saying,those who had booked the flight initially,had booked it for a judge,and since it was a judge,he felt it must have been for an important mission that had to do with the country.Hmmm interesting,but i am not buying that.
The judge or his team,then called to cancel the flight and booking,saying they ahd managed to get a lift to Abuja on another flight.

So another booking was made and among the passengers was a Babatunde Fashola,who they mistakenly thought was the ex Lagos State Governor,hahahahaha...You see my people and their quest to get out of trouble by any means necessary?Anyway,ex governor,Fashola and his team quickly issued a statement that this was a ridiculous notion.

The CEO then said he did not realise the flight had in fact been booked for "Some useless people".
This statement on its own generated a lot of criticism from Nigerians,as they felt the CEO,Sam Iwuajoku,was rude to say that about their clients.

To make things worse,Sam Iwuajoku,then went on to say,Marley should be arrested.Imagine that cheek,what about you who took 5m and flew them to Abuja?This is what he said:“Why will anyone be moving around unnecessarily during a pandemic? Moving around for musical concert at this time is ‘unnecessary movement’. I am wondering why they were not even arrested.

“I have been abused by people who said I referred to them as ‘useless people’ but I don’t care. If you see the truth, say it. Although I said so in anger, that is still my position today.”

Naira Marley then came out to say,he will regret that,because Marlians had over 20,000 members that travel by private jet monthly and they will not patronise them again.By the way,the money spent on that flight was said to be 5m Naira.This was revealed by Davido's P.A.,Israel.

But there was some bad news on the way for Marley,as the The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Muhammad Bello on Tuesday June 16, announced that Naira Marley will be prosecuted alongside those who featured and entertained at the Jabi Lake Mall in Abuja. 
He went on to say,the actions of the organisers and attendees at the concert as reckless, wicked, insensitive and utter disrespect and disregard both for the law and the well being and welfare of fellow citizens.
Now ,every Tv show you watch,you hear the panel saying he should be taught a lesson,i was watching Gbenga Aruleba on AIT,he was saying the same thing,he attacked Marley with such venom,i was shocked.The guys on TVC as well,were saying the same thing.I fear for the boy.
This doesn't sound good for the Issa goal and Mafo crooner at all.Could they make an example of Marley and jail him?I really would not be surprised.

But who is to blame,has Naira Marley pushed his luck too far or is he simply the new scape goat and whipping boy for the moral police?
naira marley and marlians


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