Mompha Nigeria:why Efcc or Interpol can't arrest me

Mompha Nigeria:why Efcc or Interpol can't arrest me

mompha arrested in nigeria by efcc
Mompha from Nigeria who was arrested on fraud suspicion a little while ago,has revealed why EFCC or Interpol cannot arrest him.The bureau de change merchant with a net worth of millions of dollars was reacting to those calling for his arrest online.
Reacting after the arrest of his rival Hushpuppi,by Interpol in Dubai,Mompha stated that those who have been clamouring for his arrest and tagging Interpol have no idea.Hr asked a rhetoric question that "do you think Interpol does not know about me"? 

He further stated that they haven't arrested him because they know he is innocent.He also said EFCC could not make any fraud charges stick and could only charge him with selling foreign exchange without no licence.And even at that,they haven't been able to prove their case.
Mompha is well known on social media for flaunting his designer wears and expensive cars.He and Hushpuppi used to be friends till they fell out.Both men then took to social media to attack and throw shades at each other,becoming bitter rivals.
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