Nigerians #Blacklivesmatter protest gets mixed reactions

Nigerians #Blacklivesmatter protest gets mixed reactions

george floyd Black Lives Matter protest holds in Lagos Nigerians

Nigerians have staged their black lives matter protest in Lagos,to join the fight for justice following the death of murdered American,George Floyd.The protest met mixed reactions as some felt they don't do the same for Nigerian causes.

The protest was organised by the Black Lives Matter Movement in Nigeria (BLMMN). The convener, Josephine Okpara, stormed the streets of Victoria Island, Lagos, with other protesters.

george floyd protest in lagos nigeria black lives matter

They carried placards with words such as "Black Lives Matter" and "Justice For George Floyd" written on them as they condemned the killing of African Americans in the United States of America.
Speaking on behalf of the group, convener, Josephine Okpara said the US must put an end to “white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on black communities by the state and vigilantes”.
I can very much understand those who feel funny about the march,because there is so much injustice in Nigeria and no one ever seems to really care,but once there is a trending march internationally,Nigerians jump on it.
Take for instance,there is a man languishing in jail,because he dared to do a song where he criticised so many Nigerian leaders,Lai Mohammed inclusive.
But the poor man is languishing in jail with no one fighting for him.There are many cases like this.
At the same time though,you would have to not be human,to not feel a sense of rage and injustice at the away George Floyd was killed by police officers of the Minneapolis department.People should rightfully protest all over the world and join the movement,one for all,all for one.
But it would be nice if Nigerians can get it right and remember their own as well,after all they do say charity begins at home.

nigerian hold george floyd protest in lagos

black lives matter protest in lagos nigeria

Black Lives Matter protest holds in Lagos,Nigerians react

#blacklivesmatter protes lagos nigeria
nigerian protest for george floyd in lagos
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