What did Majek Fashek die of:death cause

What did Majek Fashek die of:death cause

Majek fashek cause of death,what did he die of

Majek Fashek has died in New York city,USA.His caused of death has been revealed to be cancer,which he has suffered from for a year.He was born on March 7,1963,and was 57 years old.
The Reggae star,who's real name is Majekodunmi Fasheke, found fame with the massive hit "Send down the rain",which was a massive hit in Nigeria in the 1980s.He died in New York on June 1,11.45 pm Nigerian time.

Majek Fashek's manager, Uzoma Day Omenka, confirmed the news on the crooner's Instagram page on Tuesday morning.
He also confirmed the singer died in New York, not in London where he was previously receiving treatment. Uzoma said the doctors advised he should be moved close to his family, which influenced his being moved to New York where his wife and three sons live.
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He said Majek was separated from his family for 10 years until last year September when they were reunited on the advice of his doctors that he should be close to his family.

“We moved him from London to New York last September on the advice of the doctors that he should stay close to the family. Majek reunited with his family last year after 10 years of separation. He died in their company, ” Uzoma said.

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