Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Sad day in Festac as Robbers kill in Access and Diamond bank robberies.

Festac Diamond bank and Access bank robbery.
Today was a bad day for inhabitants of Festac town and Lagosians in general.A terrible incident which is slowly creeping back to the days when armed robbers held Lagos banks hostage occurred.
Some dare devil robbers who were said to have arrived in a speed boat and made their exit through the water invaded 4th Avenue, Festac and robbed two banks.. The robbers
reportedly killed four people including a woman and her two-year-old child.
That is so sad..brings pain and tears to my eyes.

Giving an update on the matter,Nigeria Police say they recovered some of the loot. The robbery gang numbering over 40 stormed both Diamond and Access Banks at 4th Avenue, FESTAC Town, Lagos, and the Area E Command said they tried their best despite being at a disadvantage numerically. 
Speaking to THISDAY exclusively, the Area E Commander, ACP Frank Mba, said they recovered about 27million from the robbers, who were forced to drop the stolen money before they fled. He also said they recovered about 240 rounds of  AK47 live ammunition, adding that the money has been deposited at another branch of Diamond Bank, still in FESTAC Town.

Mother and daughter who were killed by stray bullets of Festac Diamond and Access bank robbers.
The woman who was killed with her little baby by the Festac bank robbers has been named as Mrs. Jane Ndirieka,
Sadly she was not actually at the scene of the robbery.She was at home in her bedroom when stray bullets went through her door hitting her and her child.
A friend of her's who was present with her in her house when she was hit by the robbers’ bullets tells said Mrs. Ndirieka was first rushed to a nearby hospital in Festac Town where she was rejected. All pleas made to the hospital to treat her was rebuffed. At this point, Ndirieka had lost a lot of blood and was losing consciousness.
While on the way to the government’s general hospital, she died in the car and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.When is this disgusting habit of Nigerian hospitals going to stop? Do you know how many lives has been lost through this crazy and mad stance of their of not treating victims of gunshots? Does it take a genius to tell that Mrs Jane Ndirieka was not a thief?
The police and government has announced that they should treat gun shop victims and call the police while they were receiving treatment.I think there should be an announcement that a N1m fine will be paid by any hospital that turns down a gun shot victim! I am so mad and upset at this.
Her baby, who was in her arms when she was hit by the bullets which passed through the door and walls of her flat and hit her, died on the spot.

I hope Governor Akinbode's government realise they have to do all they can to let this robbers know that we cannot go back to those days when every Lagosian was terrified to visit the banks.

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