Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Secret home video of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shows incredible sexual chemistry!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck home video.

Remember when J Lo and Ben Affleck were a couple? Everyone was crazy about them,they were engaged and almost got married,but then split up.Well this new secret home home video obtained by Radar online has just gone to show how crazy these two were about each other and the undeniable s.exual attraction between them.
The movies, shot on a camcorder, start with the former couple at a party for the “Let’s Get Loud” singer. While Lopez’s family gathers around, Affleck can’t keep his hands off her. He’s seen kissing

hugging and fondling her breasts in front of everybody!
In an equally intimate shot, Lopez is seen opening a Christmas present under the tree. While the person behind the camera tries to get Lopez to focus on opening her gift, Affleck can’t help but distract her with kisses.The lost tapes will leave many wondering what might have become of their love if J Lo and Ben had stayed together,but that's life isn't it?

It's amazing how two people so happily in love could suddenly end it all.From what i saw in the video below,i think Ben Affleck was more in love than J Lo.I think Ben smothered her too much with love and affection and Jennifer called the whole thing off.Women are funny like that,they complain of not getting enough love and attention ,then we complain of getting too much love and attention,lol.
Watch the secret Home video of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez below..

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