Monday, 5 October 2015

Why Buhari should not be commended for paying Girl bomb victims hospital bill.

A lot of people seem to be celebrating the fact that President Buhari payed the hospital bill of a little girl who was a victim in the Abuja bomb.The girl was being treated in the National Hospital Abuja.Why should Nigerians pay for treatment in a national hospital? The treatment should be free,it makes it more incredible that a girl who had been a victim of a national tragedy,is now expected to pay her own hospital bills.
I don't blame Buhari for now,because he met the ridiculous system on ground.But by the time he leaves government,i will expect him to have made it mandatory that Nigerians who
cannot afford it especially,get free treatment at National hospitals.
Any government that exists and its citizens cannot get free health and free education up till at the very least secondary levels,is a failure!
Lets stop celebrating mediocrity and start realising what our rights are as a people and what we expect and demand of our government.
The little bomb victim girl who Buhari payed her hospital bills,has nothing to be thankful for,its her basic human right as a citizen of the Federal republic of Nigeria.

While visiting victims of the Abuja bomb blast receiving medical attention at the Trauma center of the National Hospital Abuja, President Buhari met a mother who narrated how she had been in the hospital with her daughter who was shot in the stomach by armed robbers and could not afford the medical bills of N268,790. President Buhari immediately instructed his Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari to settle the little girls bill. Her mother was overwhelmed with joy...Another photo after the cut..
 Buhari pays hospital bills of girl  in Abuja bomb.

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