Reactions to John Boyega's twitter i hate racists,i am yoruba

john boyega racist

Star Wars actor John Boyega took to twitter with an "i really f***ing hate racists" quote,after the death of African American,George Floyd(see here),which drew strong reactions from fans.He also said he is Yoruba and all their chit chatter won't cut into his soul.

The British/Nigerian star was visibly very angry and passionate about his feelings regarding the incident that took the life of Floyd.He posted a message on his twitter page which read,this just burns. Seems to be a never ending cycle. The murderers need to be charged severely. Even in the face of
death this man was given zero empathy.
He then followed that with i really f-in hate racists.He had a lot of support with this,but there were some who felt the word hate was fighting hate with hate,while some said racism comes in all forms.But Boyega was not trying to hear that,by saying that was not what he was talking about,he said he was speaking regarding what happened recently with Floyd and was talking about white on black racism.

But the strongest part of his expression was when he actually said i hate while racists.
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john boyega i hate racists

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